Songwriter's will meet with the Art Share this month!

NEXT ART SHARE @ ART SHOP is December 28, 2016 at the Art Shop 103 Historic East Cherry Street, in Downtown Nevada, MO

May 2014 Minutes:

Songwriter Lunch Club meeting #1 took place at the Art Shop at 104 E. Cherry in Nevada, Missouri from noon until 1pm on Thursday May 29, 2014. Four songwriters shared two of their original works each. Dangerous Doug Harper "Counting on You", and "Healing Song". Matthew Harper "Ghosts", and "If You Ain't Been to Texas". Aubrey Good "Untitled" and "2:31". David Byerly "Self Medicate My Heart", and "The Past is Choking Me Again". One song was recorded this months video song was "Healing Song" by: Dangerous Doug Harper and can be viewed on Youtube by searching the artist and title the song was dedicated to Joe Hammontree and Nathan Fox both recoving from recent vehicle wrecks.

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